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2019 January Awards

App Award Contest: Best New Mobile App

2019 - Best New Mobile App

This contest is best suited for mobile apps that are new to market in the past year. Our judges are looking for apps that recently made a big impact. Everything is considered to determine the winner, including user interface, functionality, usefulness and overall quality.

For apps that have been live on the market for over a year, one of our other mobile app contests might be best suited.

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Nominees for 2019 January Awards - Best New Mobile App



This app provides two broad area of benefits. Firstly it has an active process called "Positive Mindfulness...

Nominated for: Best New Mobile App

Categories: health & fitness

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Logo for Vombo


Vombo takes videos that were shot simultaneously on multiple devices and combines them into one video....

Nominated for: Best New Mobile App

Categories: media, music & video, social and networking