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4 Ways to Market Your Mobile App

4 Ways to Market Your Mobile App

Posted in Mobile App Marketing on October 24, 2013

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You've created a mobile app that many people will find useful. Great! The hard part is done (or is it?). At this point, you may be wondering how you're going to get your mobile app to stand out amongst the thousands of apps in the Android and iPhone market. The task is no easy one. Developers all over the world are in competition to successfully market their mobile apps. How do you gain a competitive advantage?

These 4 mobile app marketing strategies will increase your app discovery:

Target your demographic

What demographic is most likely going to be using your mobile app? Know that answer and then target those people. Sign-up for accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter has wonderful search capabilities that can really aid in your mobile app discovery. By searching hashtags and keywords, you'll be able to find users who closely, if not exactly match your mobile app's target demographic. Analyze your competition on Twitter and see what kind of people are following them. Chances are, if your mobile app is similar to the competition's, your competitors' followers will most likely enjoy your app as well.

Execute ad campaigns

Depending on who your demographic is, you should use a social network's ad platform to increase your app's awareness. Whether it's platforms such as Google's Adwords, Facebook or even LinkedIn, you should make sure your ads or as targeted as possible. Consider key questions surrounding your mobile app:

  • What age group is this app for?
  • What industry is this app for?
  • Is this for the Android or Apple market?
  • Is there a common interest and/or hobby with users of this app?
  • What action (visit the mobile app website, download the app, sign up for a mailing list, etc.) do you want users to take?

Being specific will help you achieve better results (and spend less money) from your ad campaigns. Always be monitoring and optimizing your ad campaigns so that those clicks are turning into leads.

Nominate your mobile app for an award

What better way to market your mobile app then to nominate it for a mobile award? If you want to get exposure, submit your mobile app for an award. Your app will get listed and maybe even featured. This will undoubtedly help your mobile app get the awareness it needs to go viral.The Best Mobile App Awards (BMAA) consist of a panel of judges who aim to give mobile app developers a level-playing field when it comes to mobile app discovery. The BMAA panel understands how difficult it is for smaller developers to get their app noticed in a market with bigger developers. The BMAA takes that into account when using their judging criteria to give ALL mobile apps the recognition they deserve.

Reach out to bloggers/reviewers

There are thousands of mobile app blogs out there. Do your best to contact these blogs with the hopes of them writing a review of your mobile app. The key for blogger outreach is to start with smaller and niche blogs. You don't have to only pitch to mobile app blogs. In fact, you should think about your demographic. Is your app for music professionals? Or maybe you've created a food app? Try thinking outside the box and reaching out to blogs that are catered to your mobile app's target audience.These 4 mobile app marketing strategies can help your mobile app get noticed in the ever-growing market. What are you waiting for?