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App Awards: Why They are Important and How to Win Them

App Awards: Why They are Important and How to Win Them

Posted in Mobile App Award Information on May 15, 2014

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Your app is made and on the market... Now what?

Mobile apps are a dime a dozen these days, so you must have ideas to differentiate yourself from the millions of other apps out there on the market. Before a user even sees the great features in your app and the amazing usability, they need a reason to click on it.

Seeking out (and eventually winning) app awards is a great way to show others that your app is worthwhile. It's not just you bragging about the app now, but judges and others feel the same way if you are able to take home a mobile app award.

Showing off your awards is a great way to establish credibility to potential users and entice them to spend their time checking out your app. These credentials you win and earn can and should be displayed on your website, print materials, your App Store description, and any other promotional materials.

Now that we know why app awards are so important for the success of your creation, it is time to discuss how you may go about winning awards.

It is wrong to think that app awards will come to you if your app is so great. There is a lot of work in seeking out potential awards that are suitable for your app. This could mean searching for the best mobile app awards in your category or industry.

Once you discover the best suited award competitions, be sure to review past winners to learn what it took to win the particular award. Many award competitions differ in what specific features and qualities they look for. Having said that, once you determine what a particular app award competition looks for, it tends to stay the same throughout multiple cycles of awards year after year.

App award winners are those that have everything put together and finalized at the time of applying. Don't waste your time submitting when your app is only 75% complete, in anticipation for launch in the coming weeks or months. Award judges can only judge what they see and not what is said to be on its way.

If you don't win an app award on your first try, do not think it is the end of the road. Try other mobile app competitions or make your app better based on critiques or feedback you receive from judges and others. Seek out the winners to see what attributes made their app stand out over yours.