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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

Posted in Mobile App Award Information on November 10, 2013

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Welcome to the Best Mobile App Awards. Our site has been redesigned, our team has grown, and we’re ready to change the playing field for mobile applications. We know what it takes to create the best mobile apps, and since you’re here, we bet you do too. 

Mobile apps are the future of technology. The market has grown consistently, and as a result the apps created have improved aesthetically, functionally and creatively. We’ve been witness to some of the most popular apps explode onto the market; Instagram, Snapchat, and MyFitnessPal, just to name a few. Yet the ideas continue to flow, the developers continue to innovate, and the designers continue to create virtual works of art. 

Before we bore you with our app-obsessed daydreams, know this: this is a market that has only just begun. We like to describe the mobile application market similar to that of the World Wide Web: always improving, evolving, and pushing the envelope on what technology means to society. In other words, you’ve got a pretty fair shot at success. 

We don’t require much; all we ask is that your app doesn’t suck. Yes, you read that correctly. Our only requirement (other than your app’s existence) is that your app has something to offer. That’s why we’ve created so many categories; we want to see the app market grow as a whole. We want the Best Mobile App Awards to represent the best apps across the board, not in simply one or two categories.  And whether that app is a game, social network or virtual planner--well, that’s up to you. 

Our judges have spent the past year perfecting the art of app design, development and functionality. The mobile app game has changed, and our standards have followed suit. But the difference between the Best Mobile App awards, and say, any other app award establishment, is that we level the playing field. We make room for the small time developers and the big time development companies. We judge fairly and meticulously, and the most expensive app isn’t necessarily the best app. 

We’ve already had some ground breaking winners, and our panel of judges is equipped to evaluate the latest and greatest. We’re ready to establish the next generation of amazing mobile apps. Are you up to the challenge? Submit your mobile app today. We’re ready when you are.