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App Inbound Marketing: What You Need to Know to be Successful

App Inbound Marketing: What You Need to Know to be Successful

Posted in Mobile App Marketing on May 01, 2014

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As we all know, the number of apps on the marketplace today are growing at an astounding rate. It is crazy to think that even today, with all of the innovation and complexities our apps have, we are still at the infancy of the app industry.

Just as with any marketing campaign in a crowded industry, there must be a plan to bring in customers (users). Your mobile app marketing campaign should begin far before your app is launched. In the app world, mobile is very important for inbound marketing; here is how to take advantage of it.

Create a Presence Immediately

Even though your app is still in development, you can and should be promoting your app through multiple channels. Create a website to showcase why your app will be a “must download”.

Engage the user as soon as their eyeballs land on your page. Utilize call-to-actions when promoting your newsletter or capturing future users’ emails to keep them posted on your app’s progress.

The higher purpose of all of this is to share the story of your app. Explain why the user should be connected to your app. This can be portrayed in a number of different ways including your name or logo. When launched, be sure to take advantage of all the app stores have to offer as to showcase your app. Screenshots and descriptions go a long way in converting a hesitant potential customer.

Get Social

Having a presence on social media platforms might seem obvious, but what might not seem obvious is the importance of conveying this information due to mobile. Since the beginning of 2011, mobile apps have been utilized for more minutes a day than Web, and the gap continues to increase at a rapid rate.

Social may benefit your app directly through integration with Facebook Login also. If your app deals with any form of entertainment or news, it is likely that Facebook Login will be extremely useful for you to increase your user base (and hopefully profits).

Become a Resource

Back to the idea of telling your story to grab users, one way is to become a resource in your industry. Ways to do this are endless, so the more creative you are at taking advantage of them, the better.

Answering questions on Q&A sites, creating white papers and showcasing them on your website, and webinars are just a few of the ways to establish credibility. Once you have this ability to have others want to hear what you have to say or share about specific topics, the easier it will be to convert them into users.

When your app is launched, there is no better credibility than to have testimonials and reviews singing your praises in the app stores. After all, word of mouth is the most influential and trusted form of advertising.