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Mobile App Promotion: All-in-One Guide

Mobile App Promotion: All-in-One Guide

Posted in Mobile App Marketing on March 02, 2014

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Creating a successful mobile app takes a lot more thought and consideration than simply having an innovative concept. Apps must be built to take into an account the marketing and promotion features that will be needed along the app’s lifespan to attract and retain users.

Timing is Key

Don’t assume that as soon as your app is complete that it would be best to launch right away. Take a look at the season and the time of year you are planning to launch as it relates to your app and your target market. Would a professional football app do best during the summer when football is not relevant? I think it is fair to say that a professional football app you be much better off launching during the season.

Leave a runway prior to launch for your marketing campaign to begin. Don’t expect to gain followers at the drop of a hat. It takes some time to gain traction so launch your app at the marketing peak of your campaign for optimal traffic.

Build a Quality App

Many think that promoting an app is all about the exterior aspects in its marketing efforts, but the truth is that so much of the promotion of your app comes from within the app allowing the users to promote for you.

Creating a simple app that is easy to use is your first step. In doing so, you create the opportunity for your users to leave great reviews in the app store that will move your app up the rankings and also help with ASO.

Promotion Built In

As stated above, creating opportunities for your users to promote for you will help your app reach great success. Customers and users are more likely to use an app that their friends tell them to use than they are one that they see an advertisement for.

There are four main areas for internal promotion:

  1. Sharing – Allow your users to easy share their activities and the app itself with their social networks. Use sharing incentives to increase the numbers even more.
  2. Feedback – Users should have the ability to easier contact your team for issues or thoughts on your app. A simple “contact us” link will not do the trick so be creative in how you urge users to give feedback.
  3. Opt-In Alerts – Allow users to sign up to receive special updates and offers within your app. This will keep your app top of mind and keep them coming back.
  4. Retention – More than just opt-in alerts, create a long term strategy to keep users using your app. 54% of all apps are retained for only a month (Flurry). Make your app fresh on a regular basis and give users a reason to come back to your app to check it out. For example, extra lives in a game.