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App Spotlight Contus Trim and Tone

App Spotlight Contus Trim and Tone

Posted in Mobile App Spotlight on March 16, 2015

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We had a chance to speak to Saranya, the Application developer at Contus Support Interactive Private Limited about Contus Trim and Tone

Could you share a challenging factor of the development or marketing process?

The challenging aspect of this app was to make sure that users with the help of 'Tone Mixer' can mix any number of songs effortlessly.

Do you plan on releasing your app to other platforms as well?

Currently this app is released in android. In future we are planning to release this app in iOS/Windows as well.

If you could describe your app in ONE word, what would it be and why?

All-Purpose.Because this app is not only limited to trimming and mixing tones but also lets the users to set the resulting tones as an alarm or notification tone and also to share the tones in Whatsapp, Soundcloud, etc.

Were there any unexpected surprises post-release of your app?

Of course yes. It was a delightful surprise when this app won the best user interface award from the Best Mobile App Awards.

What features do you hope to roll out to your app in the future?

At present the tones emerging from the Tone Mixer plays in an ordered manner. I wish to incorporate a shuffle option in tone mixer that would play all the tones partially and randomly.

What is the coolest or most innovative feature of your app?

The coolest feature in this app is its rich UI design. We had actually focused on portraying this app in an uncluttered way to the end users. So to give a better clarity we have categorized the trimming and mixing in to menus namely 'Tone Maker' and 'Tone Mixer' and by default the resulting tones are automatically saved in the 'My Tones' folder. Further the animation features are eye catching.

What is your favorite mobile app to date and which have inspired you?

I personally prefer Whatsapp because it has a very simple UI design and has an array of features.

What was your main objective or motivation for creating your mobile app?

With innumerable cutting and mixing apps we wanted to design something unique and give users a different experience. So that was how Contus Trim and Tone was born.