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App Spotlight: Kidoodle.TV

App Spotlight: Kidoodle.TV

Posted in Mobile App Spotlight on February 23, 2021

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Recently we had an opportunity to speak with Jeremy Mason, the Director, Operations & Strategy at A Parent Media Co. Inc. about Kidoodle.TV

Please share with us the backstory of what motivated you to create this app.

The service was co-founded in 2012 by CEO, Mike Lowe, and President and CPO, Neil Gruninger, as a response to an incident with Mike's young son, who was left traumatized after being exposed to inappropriate content. The duo vowed to take action to protect other families. They formed A Parent Media Co. Inc. and created Kidoodle.TV as a safe platform for online streaming designed for kids aged 12 and under.

What features do you hope to roll out to your app in the future?

There's so many! We want to make the user experience seamless and kid-friendly; we are looking at new releases to continue to optimize that, such as an episode repeat button for those kids who can't get enough of Paw Patrol Minis or Peppa Pig. Also, we're building out our library of foreign language content and new categories of shows to tailor to our worldwide audience.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of the creation of this app?

Ensuring that there's a safe alternative out there to protect families when streaming shows and movies. We feel we're living out what we had envisioned when starting Kidoodle.TV and is what motivates us to keep excelling.

What is the coolest or most innovative feature of your app?

Our incredibly talented team of developers are always thinking of ways to improve upon the user experience for families. A few notable features include:

• Parents can select age-appropriate content to be shown to their kids.

• They can set bedtime limits to put a cap on screen time.

• Kids can favorite shows they love in order to find them quickly and easily.

• For kids who like to tap on their screens and accidently exit when watching an episode, we offer an optional screen lock feature.

• Profiles are customizable allowing kids to make a unique look for their viewing experience.

• Families can also find our service on connected TVs and streaming devices ensuring that they can seamlessly transition from viewing on mobile devices to on the "big screen".

What surprised you most in your journey to create this app?

The response from parents—not only do they appreciate that our service is free, but it's also a safe option for them. They know their kids are not going to be exposed to anything harmful or violent when watching Kidoodle.TV, and it's not another subscription for them to pay for each month, we offer free ad-supported viewing for all households.

Which other mobile apps or technology have inspired you?

We keep a close eye on the trends in the kid's entertainment and media industry and strive to be ahead of the curve. The Kidoodle.TV team is extremely agile, and we can pivot to our customer's future needs.

Do you have any recommendations or advice for others wanting to create a mobile app?

Be bold and believe in yourself. We knew other parents felt similarly about their child's online viewing experience, and we took a chance to make an alternative.

How did you decide which platforms to release your app on and do you plan on releasing your app to other platforms?

We aim to be as accessible as possible to families, which is why we're available to stream on more than 1,000 connected devices including iOS and Android devices through iTunes and Google Play. Additionally, Kidoodle.TV can be accessed on popular streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast and connected TV's. We are expanding at a rapid pace and are entering emerging markets to continue to grow the popularity of our service.

How is your app different than the rest of the market? Which unique need does it fill?

As a family-focused company, Kidoodle.TV® is a kids-only service committed to encouraging Safe Streaming™ and age-appropriate viewing habits. We handpick every show, so it's vetted by real people (grandparents!) to ensure all content represents the very best in educational, inspiring and entertaining stories.

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