App Spotlight: Primed Mind

App Spotlight: Primed Mind

Posted in Mobile App Spotlight on June 25, 2018

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Recently we had an opportunity to speak with Valeria Beljaeva, the Marketing Manager at Primed Mind GmbH about Primed Mind

Please share with us the backstory of what motivated you to create this app.

Our mission is to allow our users to have the confidence and ability to overcome any obstacles they may encounter and utilize the power of their mind to reach their full potential.

Primed Mind started with a vision to help people realize their full potential.

For co-founder and professional poker player Fedor Holz, achieving his goal of becoming the best in the world required more than just poker strategy; the right playing mindset was crucial.

In 2015 he decided to work with a professional mindset coach Elliot Roe who helped Fedor to unlock his true potential by overcoming mental roadblocks, and by visualizing and realizing his goals. He had his first big live tournament win just a month later. Now, two years later Fedor has emerged as one of the youngest and most successful professional poker players in the world with a total winnings of over $23,000,000.

A true testament of the power of the mind!

Over the years of professional mindset coaching, Elliot and all his customers experienced the positive impact of mindset coaching on their lives. Not only in Poker but in all aspects of one's life.

In September 2017, Fedor, Elliot, Niklas and Felix sat together and realized that through an accessible and affordable medium, millions more could benefit from the same life-changing coaching techniques as they had.

Soon, the mission was born: Make world-class mindset coaching available, affordable and easily accessible!

The Primed Mind team has been growing in the meantime with multiple people working on it; Felix Paries (CEO), Niklas Schreiner, Fedor Holz, Elliot Roe, Christian Weilharter, Victoria Vigilanti, Klemen Trupej, Tamas Dancsi, Aaron Cruz and Valeria Beljaeva.

What features do you hope to roll out to your app in the future?

2 month ago, we released a major update with Primed Mind 2.0. where we restructured the whole UI and added new types of content. Now, we're currently entering a new product development cycle. The general direction of Primed Mind 3.0. will be towards Artificial Intelligence to enhance the UI and using Machine Learning to personalize the user experience. Moreover, we're going to release a new class of content which is more tailored to use "on-the-go". For example while waiting for a bus or driving a car.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of the creation of this app?

The best part is reading the personal stories from people that have used the app and experienced a great impact! All these fantastic reviews and success stories which reach us on a daily basis are of indefinite value. :) We hope to reach more people who could benefit from the app and support them in as many ways as possible.

What is the coolest or most innovative feature of your app?

We've put great thought into our UI & UX designs. I personally think that our designer has done an amazing job here! Now, we'll be working more towards personalization of the app through machine learning.

What surprised you most in your journey to create this app?

The positive feedback we got from the beginning on. We didn't expect to have a star rating of 4.7/5.0 (Android) and 4.9/5.0 (iOS) after only one year on the market.

Which other mobile apps or technology have inspired you?

Many. Headspace is doing a great job with a great story and journey behind! Andy comes back from a 10 year monk training with the vision of making meditation and mindfulness accessible, relevant and beneficial to as many people as possible. 14 years later, they have 1M subscribers. Incredible! :)

Also Calm is doing a stunning job. I often get inspired by their social media marketing team.

The on-boarding process of Fabulous is truly fabulous. I like their copywriting, how they personalized the app and of course the topic habit creation in general.

Regarding gamification, I think Duolingo is still my favourite. Awesome badges.

Do you have any recommendations or advice for others wanting to create a mobile app?

Be patient. Ask for support. Think lean and long-term.

Build. Measure. Learn. Your customers know best what they like.

For example: Don't outsource your app development. Define a vision and go out to look for a powerful team. If you spend the first year only on researching and finding the right people, that's fine.

How did you decide which platforms to release your app on and do you plan on releasing your app to other platforms?

From the beginning on, we wanted to make Primed Mind available to as many people as possible and support not only the often more wealthy iPhone users. Therefore, we decided to create Primed Mind as an react-native app and launch it on both iOS and Android simultaneously.

How is your app different than the rest of the market? Which unique need does it fill?

For all people who want to unlock their full potential, our mobile application Primed Mind provides affordable access to world-class mindset Coaching. Primed Mind supports them to increase their mental energy and helps in gaining clarity which is needed to become the person they desire to be.

Unlike apps like Headspace or Calm, our mobile application combines the best of several mental high-performance techniques:

Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques:

These are used to calm the mind and better train the listener to focus and relax. We use mindfulness techniques and help users reach a state of clarity more easily.

Hypnotherapy Techniques:

These are used to reduce anxiety in different circumstances, such as high pressure situations, public speaking, social interactions, etc. The visualizations help to break down subconscious barriers holding listeners back from success and living the life they want to live.

Life coaching techniques

These are used to help listeners dene and create their life and career visions and build workable plans to attain those targets. It uses positive psychology to set the listener up for success.

You can view Primed Mind here

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