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Google Play Store: Get Noticed

Google Play Store: Get Noticed

Posted in Android on December 01, 2014

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With over 1.4 million Android apps available for download on Google Play, it can be difficult to get your app noticed. There are a number of ways to get your app out there in the public’s eye to boost downloads and purchases.

The most effective way to get your app noticed is to make it onto one of Google Play’s top charts and lists or one of their staff picks lists. Unfortunately, this is controlled solely by Google Play and there is no way to pay your way to the top or put in requests to be included on a list. The top chart lists are based solely on downloads, while the staff picks also have some elements of quality and user friendliness to the selections.

Optimizing your app for Google Play is not much different than SEO and there are a lot of little details that need to be paid attention to. 

The name of the app and the words included in the description are of paramount importance when users are searching through Google Play for an app. Make sure to be descriptive and concise and pay attention to what other successful apps are writing in their descriptions. 

Another one of the key elements is the app’s logo and icon. With the icon, simplicity is key. You want to choose something that will be recognizable and also give an idea of what the app is used for at just a glance. If it’s food related for example, don’t put a baseball in your image.

There are thousands of websites that post reviews of apps. Reach out to as many as possible to get your app reviewed. A good review on a popular site will do wonders to boost your numbers. 

A good marketing strategy is crucial to get recognized. You will want to start marketing your app months before its release and continue through the release. Your marketing channels will depend on the type of app but there are multiple options that range from in-app ads to social media campaigns to anything in between.

In the end, the more active you are in networking and promoting your product, the more successful you will be when touting a valuable product.