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Top 4 Photo Apps You Need to Download

Top 4 Photo Apps You Need to Download

Posted in Technology on June 01, 2014

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One of the most improved parts of any new model of any smartphone is the camera. The cameras have been getting so good, that many people forgo the traditional Nikon and stick with their smartphone for that road trip to the beach or long weekend getaway in the mountains. 

Photography has always been popular, but especially lately with the awesome ability to edit your photos as a professional would or being able to share these creations with anyone around the world. 

Below are 4 awesome apps that will enhance your experience with your photos: 

Best Photo Editor: Snapseed 

Snapseed is a phenomenal photo-editing app that was recently purchased by Google. This was a great thing for many, as after the purchase the app became free! 

The advanced features give you so much freedom for your fingertips to make the photo look just as you wish. It has more than just filters, but great Photoshop-like editing tools available right on your mobile phone.

Best Selfie App: CamMe 

We all know the rage of selfies these days, so why not be able to take the perfect selfie without anybody knowing it was a true selfie? Don’t believe it? Try out CamMe. 

CamMe allows you to use hand gestures to control the camera and when it shoots. Say no more to those awkward looking high angled shots where your arm is still in the photo! 

Best Photo Social Network: Instagram 

This is included in the list because Instagram really started the massive growth in social photo sharing. Without Instagram, professional and amateur photographers would not have a specialize channel to display their work and their creative takes on life. 

This one might seem obvious, but I still feel it’s important to include it here. We all know about the filters they provide and the ease of use with sharing, viewing, liking, and commenting on others’ apps also.

Best Photo Messaging App: Snapchat 

Snapchat has taken the world by storm for all ages sending quick photos (with text if you decide) for up to ten seconds. After the given time, the photo is destroyed. It creates some novelty that the recipients will only have the photo for but a few seconds. 

This app has continued to improve including adding “Stories” that allows users to put many photos or videos together in one large sequence.