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Upgrade: Android Lollipop

Upgrade: Android Lollipop

Posted in Android on November 18, 2014

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Before you get too excited about this new mobile software that came out last week, make sure you have a compatible phone to run it properly. One phone that does get the upgrade is the Google Nexus 6. More and more phones will begin to come out with the upgrade but it is not easy to conform to every operating system of every phone like it is with the much easier iPhone.

New Features:

Ability to reply to messages from lock screen

Unlike in previous versions, this new update doesn’t make you pull down notifications from the dropdown tray. Of course, if you have a passcode set, you’ll have to enter that prior to replying to any messages. 

Also, in terms of notifications you can mark certain apps as a priority to only receive notifications from what you specify within Lollipop.

Security via Bluetooth

Are you sick of putting in your passcode every time you want to look at your phone? So were a lot of people. Android Lollipop allows you to keep your phone unlocked when near a trusted device of your choosing via bluetooth such as your car, a portable speaker, etc. 

Bluetooth can range over 30 feet, so you don’t have to be hugging this trusted device at the same time.

Numerous Users

This very cool feature allows you to have completely different accounts on the same device. Everything from your Facebook account to your emails will be completely different than whoever you decide to share with. Guests can even log in with their own accounts for temporary use.

Have you used Android Lollipop yet?