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Why You Should't Install Too Many Apps

Why You Should't Install Too Many Apps

Posted in Food for thought on August 23, 2016

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While it may be tempting to install every app that you come across that looks even remotely interesting, there is a handful of good arguments for why you shouldn't install too many apps. Remind yourself of the following reasons the next time that you think about downloading that app that you saw advertised.

You Will Fill Up Your Phone

Almost all phones out today still store all of their apps on the physical hard drive of the device. This capacity is only so big and when you install too many apps you fill up the hard drive. If the hard drive is full you will start to notice reduced performance. You will also notice that you can no longer download updates, update your phone, or take pictures because your device is full.

Bigger Likelihood of A Security Breach

The more apps that you install, the more vulnerabilities you are giving your phone. If you install apps that you don't plan to use more than once, delete them afterward. It isn't just a matter of chance, apps that haven't been updated or aren't running proper code will leave your device open to compromise. Installing fewer apps, and only the apps that you plan to use makes it less likely that you will have a security breach.

Apps Run In The Background

There are a lot of apps that run at least some processes in the background. The more apps that you download that run in the background, the slower your phone is going to get. This is because there are only so many processes that a phone can handle, including both open and background apps. A sluggish operating system is indicative of too many apps running in the background.

This is even more problematic for those who have older phones. Modern phones come with 3-4 GBs of RAM (Random Access Memory). This is the part of the phone that allows apps to run. On older phones, you may only have 1-2 GBs. If your phone is even older you could have far less. With only that much memory you are significantly impacting your ability to use your phone by downloading too many apps.

It Becomes Hard to Manage Your Apps

Managing your apps with just the pre-installed apps from the factory can be difficult. If you throw in trying to manage too many installed apps you will start finding it very difficult to manage your phone or tablet. The more apps you install, the more screens you have to navigate to find apps that you want to use.

Updating All Those Apps

Updating a large amount of apps at one time can be a nightmare. You will start having update notifications pop up at the top of your screen and then it will start installing each one individually. The process of installing each app will slow down your phone significantly and eat up data. No one wants their phone to be slowed down for the time it would take to update a lot of apps.

If you have downloaded apps that require privilege changes when updated, you will also have to go through and grant each privilege update individually. That is just time consuming. When you have so many apps being updated at one time it is easy to miss when an app is asking for privileges that it doesn't need and that could potentially harm your device.

All Those Notifications

When your phone is full of apps you will receive notifications for apps that you don't even use. While it is possible to turn off app notifications, you have to either turn off all apps individually or turn off all notifications. Having those extra notifications, or spending the time to turn them off, just isn't worth it. Keep from installing too many apps simply to control the amount of notifications you get

The more apps that you install, the more your phone will be impacted. It is a simple mathematical equation, your phone can only hold so much data and process so much data at any given time. Make sure that you don't overload your phone by installing too many apps. Let us know about your experience with downloading too many apps in the comments below.