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How to Make your Mobile App Stand Out

How to Make your Mobile App Stand Out

Posted in Mobile App Design on June 16, 2014

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There are quite a few things you can do from a marketing perspective to allow your app to shine just that much brighter than the other apps in the app store. If done right, these tips can be the difference between success and failure. Let’s plan for success:

Be Shareable

We have all seen countless viral videos and news stories. A lot of it is luck, yet there are also similarities to make these flourish. Your app needs to be unique. This sounds simple enough, but there has to be that special factor that puts you on a different level than your competition.

Learn to pitch your app well. Are you compelling and convincing enough to have others want to try out your app and even share it? You need to connect to your audience on a personal level in a way that can make them relate to your app’s mission.

Connect With Blogs

Blogs and those maintaining them should be your best friends (or at least you want to try to get them to that level). Be sure to go after category specific blogs that your app would fit best with. No sense pitching to a general blog that your app would only get so much traction on. It is well worth your time to go after niche blogs as it relates to your app to increase your conversions with a more concentrated audience.

Great ways to have success with blogs is to offer promo codes or other exclusive deals and discounts that the blog can share with their audience. Blogs love to help out their audience, so why wouldn’t they want to share exclusive discounts? This goes back to “being shareable”.

Press packages are another way to see success in connecting with blogs. A well put together press pack can make you stand out from other apps looking to pitch to the blog as well. This makes you look professional and established as a brand (maybe more so than you actually are).

Hype Strategy

Make sure you have a plan behind the hype you create for your app. You want to be able to manage the hype and pick your spots that can garner the largest attention.

Create early buzz prior to launch. Get people exciting about it, but don’t give too much away. Your website can be a great place to attract people and take in emails addresses so when the time comes to launch, you can blast out more hype. This goes back to perfecting your pitch and relating your story to that of your audience.

The largest push should be at the time of launch. Between online and offline events, your app should get the most hype right off the bat. This is your time to shine and showcase all the hard work that has gone into your mobile application.