Interview with Agenday Smart Calendar

Interview with Agenday Smart Calendar

Posted in Mobile App Spotlight on September 14, 2014

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We had a chance to speak with David Guthrie, PGi CTO, Therese Mushock, PGi Creative Director and Kaushal Panjwani, PGi Lead Software Engineer at Agenday Smart Calendar.

1. What was your main objective or motivation for creating the Agenday Smart Calendar mobile app? 

Since PGi’s mission is to provide collaboration solutions to the world, our first motivation was to create an innovative, compelling mobile app with the perfect mix of meeting management features to help busy professionals manage their busy schedules. We knew we could delight people with one-touch conference call dialing, but we also wanted to enhance meeting and agenda management for users of our existing collaboration tools, iMeet® and GlobalMeet®. If we could build an indispensable smart calendar that users would rely upon for their agenda and dialing needs, it would be both a fantastic free tool for any businessperson, as well as a great brand win for PGi. 

2. If you could describe the Agenday Smart Calendar app in ONE word, what would it be and why? 

Convenient. Agenday is useful throughout the entire day, from assessing today's schedule in the morning, collaborating throughout the workday, checking the weather and planning for tomorrow’s meetings. The agenda list is so friendly and easy to read. At a glance, you understand your itinerary so you can quickly take action to dial in, send a “running late” message, contact a meeting organizer or schedule a new event.  

3. What is the coolest or most innovative feature of Agenday Smart Calendar?

Agenday’s slickest feature is definitely the one-touch conference call dialing, especially in combination with smart notifications. Agenday detects conference call numbers and passcodes in meeting invites, and presents the user with a single call button to dial in with one touch. Twelve minutes before a call or meeting, Agenday will send an alert across the phone, reminding the user of the upcoming event and allowing people to wrap up their current calls or take a few minutes to prepare for the meeting. Users can continue to work on their current items right until it’s time to dial-in, because Agenday will send a second alert to the user prompting them to connect right from the notification. The combination of one-touch dialing and smart notifications enables people to  rely on Agenday to do the work of keeping meeting timetables, freeing them up to be more productive by focusing on the tasks at hand. 

4. Could you share a challenging factor of the development or marketing process? 

One challenge the Agenday team faced during early development was the advent of iOS7 in August 2013. Our team had already started building Agenday shortly before the release, and so we knew we would need to stay flexible enough to account for iOS7’s technological and user-experience updates. Fortunately, we were able to plan for the updates and maintain our production schedule. 

5. Any unexpected surprises post-release of the Agenday Smart Calendar app? 

We’ve been thrilled by the number of international downloads of Agenday. People all over the world, from Asia to the Middle East and Europe, have been using and reviewing the app. 

6. Which operating system holds a larger user base: Android or iOS? 

Currently, Agenday is more popular on Apple products, but to be fair, the Android version has not been available as long as the original iOS product. We anticipate the Android platform to catch up fast, because it features a great widget with Agenday’s best functionalities packed in. Android users love their widgets, and since ours is quite powerful, we’re hoping this will drive bigger, faster shares among the Android user base. 

7. What is your favorite mobile app to date and which have inspired you? 

Our favorite mobile app at the moment is the recently released Weather Channel app. The app is very gesture-driven, and the photography is inspiring — which we love, because we also try to include the most refreshing weather imagery possible in Agenday. We’re impressed by the Weather Channel app’s social media features and flight info, too. Any app that has achieved the best synergetic combo of features is one we tend to examine, watch and use. 

8. What features do you hope to roll out to the Agenday Smart Calendar app in the future? 

We have several exciting new features planned for our next release. One of them is Salesforce integration. We know salespeople schedule several calls during the day, and with our new feature, they can log their calls directly into Salesforce with one touch from Agenday. Also, we’re currently developing a fast, elegant search feature that allows users to quickly locate past or future meetings. We are always open to feature ideas from our users and would love to hear their feedback via