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What to Expect From the Apple Watch

What to Expect From the Apple Watch

Posted in iOS on April 13, 2015

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The number one name in smart phones is Apple but when it comes to smart watches Android Wear has a firm grip on the market. When it comes to the Apple watch what should you expect? Probably not what you see when you look at a smart watch running Android Wear.

Android Wear devices are meant to run the same operating systems no matter what watch you are using that makes it easier to program for the device. Unlike these devices, the Apple Watch will be using its own operating system. This is similar to what Samsung tried with the Galaxy Gear Neo watch and their Tinzen operating system. Samsung found out quite quickly that running your own and new operating system for you watch can be difficult. Apple has been playing its cards close as it has developed its smart watch but it isn't expected to have the same problems Samsung has had.

Apple has been known for creating benefits for getting people to program for its devices but with how close it has been playing its cards don't expect there to be a tone of apps right when the watch is launched. Some of the first apps to be available will be from Target, SPG, Nike, Citi, and MLB.

What can you expect the Apple watch to do when it is launched?

It will attempt to launch new means of communication. It should have all the normal phone and texting capabilities of other smart watches but apple has been trying its best to add in new features. Some of those included features will be texting your heartrate, texting a tapped pattern, and/or texting drawings. Expect Apple to try other new things in the smart watch world but do not expect it to be too revolutionary out of the box because it is Apple's first smart watch.

You should also expect the watch to be pricey and not available until at least mid-summer of 2015. Despite the high price points with the highest being $12000. As of last count the Apple watch has been pre-ordered into summer 2015, depending on where you are and who you are ordering the new watch from, wait times have reached into August.

Wall Street analysts estimate that Apple will sell over 8 million of their new smart watches and possibly as many as 40 million.