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Will the Apple Watch change the world? Or is it just another fad?

Will the Apple Watch change the world? Or is it just another fad?

Posted in iOS on August 12, 2015

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With the release of the Apple Watch many people are wondering if it will actually catch on. A study concluded that over half (around 68%) of Americans had little to no interest in buying an Apple Watch. Many view the smart watch as a passing fad, others believe that the Apple Watch itself was too hyped up for the features it has. The Apple Watch does display a good selection of features but most of them are already available in other devices out there.

It is true that the Apple watch comes in a lot of configurations, colors, and designs, are these designs really worth it? The base price of the watch starts off at $349, what many people pay for their phone if they pay anything. The most expensive watch costs over $17,000 for the Watch Edition. At this price the number of people who can afford what one would think is the base edition is very slim. Many of the devices developed by competitors are lower in price.

What Apple needs to do in order to make the Apple Watch more than a fad is to manage to captivate people with the watch. What we have yet to see from it is an iPhone style rush to get to the stores to purchase an Apple Watch. Apple isn't out of chances though to get more users onto the Apple Watch boat. Releasing updates that add more features or reducing prices will surely bring more people to Apple to find a watch.

Time will be the main decider in whether the Apple Watch will catch on but a lot of people around the world are thinking that it will be just another fad. The cool factor has to wear off for those that want it and when that does if there is still enough people wanting the device we will know that the Apple Watch is more than just a fad. Too many companies beat Apple to the punch. Additionally, Apple's price range puts it out of reach for the majority of the population. It is more of a fashion accessory than a watch.