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Why do iPhone users think they are "too good" for Androids?

Why do iPhone users think they are "too good" for Androids?

Posted in iOS on May 26, 2015

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A majority of the people who switch to using iPhones or have used iPhones since their release would never think of getting an Android device. They put off the air to many of their friends that they are too good for an Android powered device. Both phones have their followings and Android users also back their phones. Why though do a lot of coffee-shop iPhone users think that they are too good for Androids? There are several reasons that this may be true.

First, Apple took the smartphone world by storm when it was first released. It spent a lot of money in marketing and it worked, really well. Apple was able to get its teeth into the American market and people just won't stop buying Apple devices. Part of this may be out of habit. For some people an Apple device is all they know so they assume it is better than anything else on the market.

Apple products cost more. The one thing that Apple is known for, even among some of its users, is its price. Apple has released a smart watch (Apple Watch Edition) that has an amazing $10,000 price tag for the entry line model and can go all the way up to $17,000. With such high prices it is obvious that Apple is catering to the richer population around the world. By buying the higher priced devices people feel like they are better than the people who pay less for their phones. As documented by Dan Lyons on readwrite Apple users have developed a mindset where if you do not own a Apple device you own a sub-par device.

The tech news industry has done little to help with the iPhone users view of other devices or of Android users themselves. In an Article on Gizmodo by Sam Biddle he states that "Android is popular because it's cheap, not because it is good." He uses references to a Samsung ad where a lower-income American family is using a Galaxy Note 2. He implies that because this family can afford it, anyone can. We do not agree with this statement by any means, but it's possible someone out there does.

With public claims like this and the foothold that Apple has been able to grab in the United States it's not hard to see why Apple users think they are better than everyone else. It seems to be that it is human nature to shun all those that are different from you and it turns out that applies to phone ownership too.