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App Spotlight: Weatherwise

App Spotlight: Weatherwise

Posted in Mobile App Spotlight on June 16, 2015

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We had a chance to speak to RJay Haluko, the Creative Director at Local Wisdom about Weatherwise

Could you share a challenging factor of the development or marketing process?

Weatherwise was very challenging to develop since it has many moving parts. It looks deceptively simple, but under the hood its a full video game engine parsing weather data. Additionally we built a full store with almost 100 themes. The most complex part are the tools we built to allow artists to create themes easily. Our theme building software lets artists bind real weather data to their art and animation. Weather data can make clouds move and behave differently with wind speed. UV index can change the color of images all dynamically. So when you look at the pretty art in weatherwise weather variables are being used to generate and animate the art dynamically.

Do you plan on releasing your app to other platforms as well?

We will consider other platforms based the response from users and overall revenue.

If you could describe your app in ONE word, what would it be and why?


Were there any unexpected surprises post-release of your app?

No major surprises other than some bugs that we had missed.

What features do you hope to roll out to your app in the future?

One of the biggest features we planned to add is allowing artists and designers access to change the user interface. By giving an artist full access to fonts and data views each weather theme could be like having a new app.

What is the coolest or most innovative feature of your app?

The coolest feature of Weatherwise is that its actually a video game engine modified into a weather app. The engine allows for infinite customizability by mixing data with an artists creative vision. Just like a new level of a game can be loaded in, so can a new weather scene.

What is your favorite mobile app to date and which have inspired you?

Ive tried ton of apps, but use very few. Game wise I have enjoyed the room and the room 2. My personal inspiration on Weatherwise comes from outside the realm of apps. Weatherwise is the little kid in me that loved getting to the next level in a video game to admire the art and possibilities. I felt the same could be applied to weather. Why does weather need to be boring static images or icons?

What was your main objective or motivation for creating your mobile app?

Our main motivation in creating Weatherwise was to make an app that allows artists and designers a platform to turn their art into themed weather visualizations. We aimed to create an ever growing ecosystem of animated weather themes catered to any users taste.

You can view Weatherwise here